Monsoons deficient by 14 percent despite good rains

Monsoons deficient by 14 percent despite good rains

The northwest monsoon, which brings rainfall to the entire country, has been deficient by 14 percent so far.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said rainfall activity was by and large subdued during the second week compared to the first week of this month but is likely to enhance over many parts of the country from Monday.

"The cumulative seasonal rainfall for the country as a whole during this year's monsoon up to July 15 has so far been 14 percent below the average. Of 36 meteorological subdivisions, the rainfall has been excess over six, normal over 16 and deficient in 14 subdivisions," the IMD said in a statement.

Bihar, eastern Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, parts of West Bengal and Sikkim have received good rainfall during the week, it said. The monsoon this year arrived a week late in Kerala May 31.

In 2009, the monsoon was 24 percent deficient, the worst since 1972. The IMD hoped monsoon resurgence by Tuesday will bring rainfall in the north-west as well as north-east, the two regions that have seen the maximum rain deficit till now, besides other regions.

If the forecast holds true, it will improve the prospects of the kharif output. Good rains in the remaining part of July and the next two months will augur well also for groundwater recharge and enhance outlook for the next rabi season as well.