Army chief stands by his J&K remark

Army chief stands by his J&K remark

"What I had said is that security forces have achieved a particular level of control of the situation. After that, various initiatives have to come...there are developmental and administrative issues," Singh told reporters here when asked about the controversy.
He said, "There are various kinds of initiatives that are need to be taken to bring up a state."

Singh's comments on the political leadership had drawn the ire of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who had said the Army chief should not make political comments.
Singh had last week said the "basic reason" for the prevailing tension in Jammu and Kashmir was the inability to build on the "gains" that have been made in the state.

On the Northeast, Singh said the situation has improved by "leaps and bounds and lot of positive things have happened, whether it is Assam, Manipur or any other state".
"All that it is needed now is how we administratively handle the situation in various states. Security wise the situation is perfectly fine," the Army chief said.

Referring to the recent attacks by NDFB in Assam, Singh said, "If a child does not get attention in the house, he does something to get attention -- that is what is exactly happening to the militant outfit."

After NDFB chief Ranjan Daimary was captured, the whole organisation has been in disarray, he said."So they have to let us know by some action that they are there. It is a group that is on its way, if handled properly they will come to the negotiation table or they will surrender," he said.=