Henceforth this cafe will never see its daily customer!

Henceforth this cafe will never  see its daily customer!

Vinayak Cafe in Kadur town, where Krishnamurthy was a regular customer, remaining closed on Monday. DH Photo

While this place is one of the places where KMK used to regularly come to sip on hot cup of coffee, after becoming  MLA it became a venue of his ‘Janata Darshan’. “KMK had a kind of affection towards me. If he is in town then nothing can stop him from visiting Vinayak Cafe, sharp at 8 am in the morning. Soon it became a method for people to know if KMK is in town or not,” says Cafe Owner S G Bhasker. He recalls that people from far off villages used to wait for KMK at the cafe itself and on his entry to the cafe they used to talk of their problems and get solution from KMK.

“Meanwhile KMK used to treat the villagers with coffee and snacks, cafe became an informal office of KMK and a means to mingle with people outside the office,” he says.

The place which saw a different faces of KMK will miss the man of words who sitting at the bench of this cafe made promises to thousands of people and kept the word.

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