Ex-sanyasin's husband not underage

Ex-sanyasin's husband not underage

As per the certificate issued by the doctors at the Chigateri General Hospital in Davangere who handed over the age proof to Chetan here on Tuesday, he is 22 years old.

Chetan’s mother Ratnamma had complained to the police that Nivedita had abducted Chetan, who is underage and married him. In this backdrop, Channagiri taluk CDPO had issued a notice to Nivedita.

“As per the Child Marriage Act 2007, it is a crime to marry an underaged person. Hence, the details of the marriage and the age proof of Chetan should be provided in writing,” the notice had instructed.

On Tuesday morning, Nivedita and Chetan arrived at the district’s Chigateri General Hospital and got the certificate confirming Chetan’s age.

Speaking to Deccan Herald later, Chetan said, “We arrived at the hospital in the morning and after examination, the doctors have confirmed my age to be 22. I have also received a certificate,” he said.