Indian faces rape charges

Indian faces rape charges

Amit Hamal, 21, who claims that he is a member of the Nepalese royal family, faced Sydney’s Waverley Local Court on Tuesday. He was charged with having sex without consent at the victim’s home on July 16. He was refused bail and will appear in Central Local Court on July 29.

Hamal was working for the Bay Leaf restaurant when the incident took place. He was nabbed at Sydney Airport on Monday when he was trying to board a flight to Bangkok, Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

On the night of the incident, the woman and her husband had ordered Indian food but then fell asleep. Hamal arrived at their home and entered through the open front door. He is then accused of walking into the woman’s room and sexually assaulting her while her husband was asleep in the lounge.

The woman had assumed Hamal was her partner when they were having sex, police prosecutor Sergeant Nicole Pinfold told the court.

It was only when she saw Hamal leave through the front door that she realised her husband was still asleep in the lounge.

Hamal’s lawyer Audie Willert said that his client admitted having “consensual” sex with the woman.