GPA holders too will get khata

GPA holders too will get khata

After the Sakrama-2010 was passed, a high level meeting was held, which was attended by the ministers from Bangalore, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and BDA officials. The meeting was to decide how BBMP should formulate a rule under the Sakrama-2010 that could suit people. The most important point discussed during the meeting was the status of GPA holders.

“We discussed thoroughly who should be given khata for the land sold out to people on GPAs. The owner of the property may charge lakhs of rupees to register the property in the name of GPA holders. It will be a sort of blackmailing and a double blow to the GPA holders. So our suggestion is to issue khata to the people holding the GPAs,” said Mayor S K Nataraj.

The meeting also pondered over the rate for fixing betterment charges, penalties for the violators and cross-checking records thoroughly before giving Khatas.

Based on the discussions, Palike officials are working out a strategy for a better deal giving maximum relief to the residents, said the Mayor.

Hitting out at the Opposition leader M Nagaraju, Mayor Nataraj repeated on Wednesday that the Congress which initiated the road widening projects was now opposed to it.

He said the BJP government too is not willing to displace people and would do resort to widening of road selectively. Not all the people losing properties would be given alternative sites but only those who have lost more than 50 per cent of their land to the project, he added