Cops 'fight' it out for prize money

Cops 'fight' it out for prize money

Mico Layout police inspector takes out pistol, points at sub-inspector

After heated exchanges Police Inspector C N Janardhan pulled out his revolver from holster and pointed it towards Sub-Inspector Narasimhaiah

The reason: Janardhan’s delay in giving reward announced by the Commissioner of Police Shankar Bidari to Narasimhaiah, revealed sources in the police station.

Narasimhaiah had played a crucial role in detecting a few  cases leading to arrests of suspects and recovery of valuables.

The Commissioner had announced rewards in appreciation of good work done by Mico Layout police team.

He had given the reward to Janardhan as he is head of the station, directing him to distribute the reward equally among team members, added the sources.

However, Janardhan distributed the reward among the team members, except Narasimhaiah. He had allegedly ignored Narasimhaiah’s several pleas to give him his share of reward money.

Narasimhaiah called Janardhan over phone once again on Wednesday evening and requested him to give his share. He exchanged heated words with Janardhan as the latter did not respond properly. Janardhan directed him to come to the police station.

Heated exchanges

The duo exchanged heated words in the station as well. A few seconds later, both of them used abusive language. In a fit of anger Janardhan took out his revolver from holster, pointed it towards Narasimhaiah and threatened him.

When an irked Narasimhaiah tried to retaliate, other staff intervened and pacified them, said the sources.

They immediately met DCP (South East) B N S Reddy and narrated the incident. Reddy told them that the police department will be defamed if the two continued their quarrel. He directed them to forget the incident and work together.

Asked to go on leave

But, when Narasimhaia said it would be extremely difficult for him to work with Janardhan, Reddy advised him to apply for leave, added the sources.

When contacted, Reddy said he was unaware of the incident.

“I am not aware of such incident. Neither the police inspector nor the sub-inspector have lodged any complaint. If they lodge any complaint, ACP will be directed to investigate and submit a report.” The Commissioner summoned both of them and gave them a dressing down, the sources added.

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