BDA sites may compensate TDR's failure

BDA sites may compensate TDR's failure

Nataraj said Palike is contemplating to provide BDA sites as a form of compensation to those who have parted way with their properties for various infrastructure projects. “In this regard, I have written letters to the State government and the BDA to consider providing compensation in the form of BDA sites for these property owners,” he said.

The letter also proposes to reserve 20 percent of the sites in the newly-developed BDA layouts for the BBMP to disburse it among those who have lost their properties for the infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, the new BBMP Commissioner Siddaiah, who has been receptive to the idea has agreed to the proposal. “But the proposal will hinge on the fact that there are disposable sites with the BDA,” he said.

The proposal was initiated by the former BBMP Commissioner Bharath Lal Meena who had written to the BDA in January this year in this regard.

It appears that the TDRs did not attract people, despite the BBMP’s high hopes of opening a TDR Bank. BBMP officials had stated earlier this year that around 25,000 to 30,000 TDR forms were distributed among the property losers but only 35 had applied for it.
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