Pak rejects US intelligence reports of ISI links to Taliban

Pak rejects US intelligence reports of ISI links to Taliban

Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit told the media that leaked reports were "far-fetched and skewed" and inconsistent with ground realities.The leaked documents also betrayed a "lack of understanding of the complexities involved" in Pakistan’s role in the war against terror, he said.

Pakistan’s "constructive and positive role in Afghanistan" cannot be affected by such "baseless and self-serving reports", Basit said.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq said regardless of how the classified documents emerged, they cast the US administration in a poor light.

The whistleblowers' website Wikileaks yesterday made public 92,000 classified reports and cables from the US military, intelligence and civilian administration in Afghanistan.Three publications were given access to the documents and have published a series of reports on the data.

The documents, dating from 2004 to 2009, contain allegations that the ISI was linked to a plot to assassinate Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the 2008 bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul.

One report said the ISI had allegedly offered USD 15,000 to USD 30,000 for the killing of Indian construction workers in Afghanistan.