Almatti hydel station resumes operation

With reservoir full, 14 sluicegates are opened

The 290-MW hydel station resumed power generation from Wednesday. All the six units have started functioning and the power generated will cater to the demand in the Bijapur district, said sources in the Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Limited (KBJNL).
With the reservoir filled up to its full capacity due to heavy rain the Krishna river basin, nearly 43,000 cusec of water was discharged from 14 of the 26 crest gates of the reservoir on Wednesday afternoon.

The water level at the reservoir has risen to 518.6 metres against the full level of 519.6 metres and the inflow was 1,48,750 cusec.
With the storage of 105 tmc in the reservoir, the 14 sluice gates has been raised to 0.8 metre and 43,000 cusec water was discharged on Wednesday. Besides 48,000 cusec water has been released through the hydel station. In total 91,000 cusec water is being discharged from the reservoir.
If the inflow into the reservoir increases, more water will be released overnight, the sources added.  
DH News Service

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