Preparing for the year 2012

Preparing for the year 2012

Some have proclaimed it to be the end of the world and to prove that notion, they point to the fact that the Mayan calendar stops at 2012.

It is important to maintain a sense of perspective as they are all too susceptible to misinterpretation. It is equally important to present a positive picture of the future because it is up to humankind to alter the course of its own destiny.
It is true that humankind will witness some trying times in not only the year 2012 but also the year 2011. This is in part due to the way human beings have abused the natural environment in the past. Such abuse disturbs cosmic harmony.

On the other hand, all negative phenomenon have a positive dimension built into them and conversely, all positive phenomena also have a negative dimension built into them. Cosmic time moves in cycles and the existence of a downside and an upside is integral to the working of these cycles. As Sadguru Murali Krishna repeatedly emphasises, no occurrence in the universe can escape the attention or knowledge of the Supreme Intelligence and the best way to guard against the vicissitudes of future events lies in surrendering our sense of individuality to a higher power and allowing it to be subject to its will.

The wise say that Lord Shiva (also known as Lord Natraja), has begun his tandava dance and in this mood, his dance depicts his violent nature as the destroyer of the universe.  While Lord Shivaís dance is eternal in nature, it assumes many forms. When performed in a blissful state, it is known as the Ananda Tandava and when it is performed in a violent temperament, it is known as Rudra Tandava.

Lord Shiva’s tandava is said to symbolise the five functional manifestations of the Supreme Self and these include creation (srishti), preservation (sthithi), destruction (samaharana), illusion (tirubhava) and grace (anugraham).
In this state, Lord Shiva needs to be propitiated. It is said that he is best placated through faith, surrender and devotion. Those inclined on the path to spirituality and self-awakening should use this period to deepen their pursuits.
Performing the Adi Rudra Maha Yagnam during the period is said to be the surest way of dissipating Lord Shivaís anger and securing his blessings.  This yagnam is scheduled to be performed at the Om Sharavanabhava Matham in Palakkad by Sadguru Sri Murali Krishna in December, 2010. It is said that the value of attending or contributing to such a yagnam is inestimable.