Centre trying to make state unstable: C T Ravi

Last Updated 30 July 2010, 16:54 IST

Addressing reporters on Friday, Ravi said that Centre is conspiring to pull down Gujarat and Karnataka government but BJP is all set to pull down Congress during elections. “Being fully aware of BJP’s capabilities, Congress is trying to tumble BJP Governments in Gujarat by means of constitution and CBI and in Karnataka by using Governor as a weapon,” he said and added that Gujarat ranks first in the country’s development index and since Narendra Modi is likely to become the next Prime Minister of India, conspiracy is on by Congress to tumble Modi’s government.

“Gujarat Home Minister’s arrest and many episode that unfurled later are all a part of the conspiracy. Centre’s next target will be Narendra Modi,” he said. He added that it is for the first time that BJP has come to power in Karnataka.

Looking at the victory of BJP at all levels, Congress has decided to curb the growth of BJP. It is with this intention that Congress appointed Hansraj Bharadhwaj, who has inclination to a particular political party as Governor of Karnataka.


With regard to mining issue, he said that BJP Government has not made way for any mining project during its rule till date. Yet some people are hell bent on putting the blame on BJP unnecessarily.

Turning the plate at Centre, Ravi said that it is the centre which has been looting the natural resources of the country and in contrary, State has tried to save the resources by banning iron ore exports.

He said that the mining case has been handed over to the CBI, but yet attempts are being made to destabilise the Government before the report is out.


Ravi ridiculing the Congress party’s ‘padayathra’ said that it is a drama being staged by the party leaders. “The true colours of Congress will be out once the curtain is lifted,” he said and added that if at all Congress has done ‘Nada Raksha’ in true sense, then non Congress party would have never come to power anywhere. “If Congress tries to expose BJP, it will end up exposing itself,” he said.  

(Published 30 July 2010, 16:54 IST)

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