SAI comes to the aid of swimmers

SAI comes to the aid of swimmers

With the KC Reddy Swim Centre all set to be taken over by a new management, seven CWG-bound swimmers, including Virdhawal Khade, Sandeep Sejwal, Agnishwar and Arhatha Magavi, were facing a July 31 deadline to move out of their training base in Sadashivanagar.

The swimmers, who have been training under Nihar for the October 3-14 Games, were running out of time to find a suitable place to train when SAI came forward to help them out.

“I had a discussion with the SAI director (G Kishore) and he agreed in principle to allow the core group of swimmers to train at the SAI pool. The director asked me to send a request by fax just for completing the formalities. For the time being I need a place to train the CWG swimmers, because they are medal hopes. We can’t stop training as there are only a couple of months left for the Games,” said Nihar.

Nihar said he needs to find another place to train other swimmers. “I also need to give training to other swimmers, for that I need a pool in the city itself. I think we will find a solution as soon as possible.”

Among Nihar’s trainees, Sandeep has already qualified for the Delhi Games in the 50M and 200M breaststroke events while Virdhawal and his team-mates will get another chance at the Senior National championship in Jaipur from August 24-28. “The minimum qualification time (8th place finish in last edition of CWG or Asian Games) set were all created by the hi-tech body suits. Now we can use only tailor- made suits, so that factor is causing swimmers, especially sprinters, problems in finding the qualification mark,” said Nihar.