Doddabukkasagarakere a model for water sharing

Doddabukkasagarakere  a model for water sharing

 Executive Committee members of Siddheshwara Kere Balakedarara Sangha inspecting the  Doddabukkarayanakere in Sakarayapatna hobli. DH photo

Here is a village where there has been absolutely no dispute with regard to sharing of water over the last 40 years. Even during dry seasons, the people of this village amicably share the water resources and manage the same without any government aid.

Well, the lake is Doddabukkasagarakere, which is said to be the first lake that gets filled by Madagadakere. The water management and sharing system adopted in case of this lake is a model for the entire state.


Doddabukkasagarakere is spanning over 21.3 hectare land area and once this lake is full, there is no problem to irrigate 300 acre of cultivable land for 2 years. It is Siddheshwara Kere Balakedarara Sangha, which manages sharing of water and the schedule of how the water is to be used is informed by the Sangha members before hand.

The plantations in the end of the catchment area are provided water first and the water is released from the lake during December to June. The users will have to pay Rs 500 per annum to get water for an acre of land. The Sangha members inform the timing of releasing of water 24 hours before the release. With this, the plantation owners get ready to irrigate their plantation by keeping labourers ready. Water is released for 3 hours per acre. In case the plantation owners fail to receive water during the allotted time, then they will have to wait for the next round.

Sangha Executive Committee President B V Rajashekar informed that the Sangha collects Rs 1.50 lakh as water cess per year. Huge part of this collection is utilised for maintaining the 8 km long canal which brings water from Madagadakere.

“We have never waited for any help from the Government for construction of the canal so far and we will do so. We have not even waited for the contractors to do this work. It is purely people’s initiative. It is the villagers who joined hands and built the canal. We promptly use the revenue generated from water to maintain the distribution system. There is no diversion,” says Secretary Sathish.

Department of Minor Irrigation had repaired the canal recently. During the repair works, one member from the Committee remained at the spot without fail to supervise the execution of work to ensure quality.

Recognising the endeavours of the Sangha, District Water Conservation Project has come forth to provide Rs 35 lakh for development of Doddabukkasagarakere. To get this sum, the members will have to remit 6 per cent of the sum. The members are now working towards collecting the required amount. The members say that if they get the amount, the canals will be made concrete and upgraded.

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