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Shameful behaviour!
It is unbelievable that a minister behaved like a hooligan and beat up a driver of a vehicle which just happened to overtake his vehicle on a highway near Bangalore. Not satisfied with this, the minister is reported to have brutally kicked an old relative of the driver who was in the car. The minister then used his influence and lodged a complaint with the police against the innocent.
Such gross savage misbehaviour by a minister should not go unpunished. It is quite surprising that the media especially the local channels of TV did not highlight this incident. Later, the Chief Minister is reported to have apologized for his minister’s behaviour. But that is not enough. The Chief Minister should drop the minister from the cabinet. The police should make a thorough enquiry into the incident and take suitable action against the minister.
The BJP government should prove to the public at large that a minister is not above law. If this is not done, the opposition parties in the state should take up the case seriously and make sure that the minister involved is dropped from the cabinet and suitable action taken against him as per law and the victims are suitably compensated.

Inefficient governance
Headlines in newspapers show the arrogance of the power supply department that they will resort to loadsheddings as they please. Chief Minister Yeddiyurappa is wasting the state resources in organizing the Davangere BJP conference just to tell the people what his government has done to the people. It has done only power shortages, irregular water supply, increasing long and hateful traffic jams on roads with pot holes, garbages everywhere in Bangalore.
L.K Advani has said that the government has done a good job. I wonder what right he has to prove this. He is not ruling the state. If you go through any newspaper or magazine, any day, you will see lots of pages and comments about the shoddy performance the BJP rule. Chief Minister Yeddiyurappa still keeps the mining lords in his cabinet even after they have amassed huge wealth and assets through illegal mining. The list is endless.
This is not all. The Congress party both at Delhi and in Karnataka is no better than the BJP rule. A Padayatra, praised by Rahul Gandhi has not solved a single problem of the state. It shows his immaturity. The way he tallks shows that the nation has accepted him as a national leader of high status. Let us frankly ask him whether he would have attained his high status, had he been born as a child of a, say, postman or railway station cooly.
Dr. K.S.Krishnamurthy, Ph.D
J.P.Nagar, Bangalore 560078

Laudable  initiative
It is interesting to note a news report that Tamil Nadu government is taking initiative in promoting BPO centres in rural areas of the state. It seems it is prepared to bear the capital cost and also fifty percent of training costs of the personnel required for this. This move is laudable as it will create rural employment for the educated youth, and.migration to cities will be avoided to some extent. And again customers of BPOs will have opportunity to get cheaper rates and the nation's earnings from export will further increase as more number foreign customers will opt for these new facilities.


MPs’ salary hike daylight robbery
This is with reference to ‘Govt defers MP’s pay hike’ (DH. Aug 17). Cabinet minister’s decision to postpone pay hike from Rs 16000 to 80000 is laudable. The fall out of the inflation of over 10% and high cost price index facing aam aadmi has applied brakes into acceptance of windfall in salary. Wiser counsel has prevailed upon barring few MP’s who are as eager as vultures to swallow the benefits. In fact one MP said that they are lowest paid in the world. In that case he should quit politics and look out for greener pastures elsewhere. Most of the MP’s are exceptionally rich whilst being in public office. Greed for tax payers’ money is nothing short of daylight robbery. Any raise in emoluments of the MP’s must be performance linked the way majority of the salaried class gets it.
Deepak Chikramane


PM fails to deliver
Our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has the distinction that he is the third longest to hold the position after Nehru and Indira Gandhi. But sadly his Independence Day address which is conspicuous by absence of coming to grips with real solutions to solve many serious challenges that the country faces today is his greatest drawback (Listles address-17/08/10) Viewed in this light it appears he wears the tag of being a person of impeccable honesty as a badge on honour on his sleeves and is negated when under his very nose corruption thrives unchecked and the country is fast hurtling into a failed state. What is required is statesmanship to rise above party compulsions to remain in power at any cost and lead from the front and it has to be admitted our honourable PM has failed to live up to the expectation of people. Seven years of charmed existence has robbed our PM of initiative and seem content to keep the seat warm for the Prince in waiting.
H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana


Our own Mr Percentage Prime Minister?
Pakistan politics has a fund of jokes unlike our own, which is dour. One of the well known jokes was to name Asif Zardari, husband of then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto as 'Mr Ten Percent' alluding to his high corruption. Here in India our prime minister is far removed from any corruption, but is reduced to talk only in terms of 'percentages' whether it is in matters of growth, or inflation, or in any other field. All political decisions and statements are in the domain of the UPA chairperson. In these seven long years, Dr Manmohan Singh could have come out of Sonia's shadow and could have been an all-round prime minister instead of reducing himself to talk only in terms of percentages. In fact, the example of Indira Gandhi was very much there to emulate, who sidelined the powerful Syndicate.


Insulting Gandhi
The Congress has again asked President Pratibha Patil to reject the cow slaughter bill enacted by the Karnataka government (Aug 17). The Congress and the JD(S) are feverishly trying to block the bill. The main reason is that these parties are vying with each other to woo the minorities. Mahatma Gandhi had equated cow slaughter with man slaughter.  He had declared that the first thing he would do after attaining Swaraj was to ban cow slaughter in the entire country.  The Congress is insulting him by opposing the cow bill.


Fight corruption
The speech of Mr Manmohan singh on Independence Day clearly depicts us that even after 64 years of Independence its such a shame that we are still striving hard to find peace and solidarity in our country. Dr Singh spoke about various problems which our country is facing, ranging from Kashmir violence to naxalism and urged that dialogue was the only option to tackle these people. But when you deeply see the root cause for all these violence, it is 'Corruption' which is prevailing in our society. When we say it’s impossible to remove corruption from the society then how can a dialogue with the Pakistan, Kashmiri Separatists & naxalites would be possible? The dialogue would be successful only when we become a Corruption Free Country.
Maria Laveena





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