Boom time again for skilled professionals: Experts

Boom time again for skilled professionals: Experts

Boom time again for skilled professionals: Experts

As companies look to expand amid revival in the economic climate, job opportunities are amplifying, resulting in multiple offers for professionals at a particular time.

"A growing trend of multiple job offers for professionals, mainly in junior and middle levels, has become visible in the past two quarters, as companies short of talent are gearing up to hire robustly," Human Resource service provider Ma Foi Randstad president(Staffing & Training) E Balaji told PTI.

"Moreover, with job market hotting up, professionals are applying and giving interviews in many companies and they end up with several offers from different firms," Balaji added.

Experts say maximum offers are being witnessed in IT, telecom, infrastructure and Banking, Financial Service and Insurance sectors.
Executive search firm GlobalHunt director Sunil Goel said," For the proven professionals, getting parallel and better job offers has become a trend, where many firms try to attract talent with lucrative and better offers from competitors."

"Multiple job offers have increased up to 40-50 per cent from 20 per cent in IT sector, in telecom there is an increase of 15 per cent. Infrastructure and BFSI sectors have seen a rise of 20 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively," Goel added.
During the downturn, for almost 18 months, most of the firms across sectors had frozen hiring and were apprehensive about any new business plan implementation.
But, since January this year, a positive momentum is in the economy and new business plans have been rolled out, vacant positions are filled in and multiple job opportunities are floating around.

"Besides, tight deadlines for launching product and services in IT, telecom and infrastructure sectors are creating a war for talent once again," Goel added.
Meanwhile, according to a recent survey by headhunting firm Executive Access, employees value growth more than compensation when it comes to choosing an organisation.

"In today's scenario, employees look out for as much learning as possible which he/she can leverage in real time. If an organisation is open to inculcating in-house training, the lesser are chances of facing attrition," Executive Access Managing Director Ronesh Puri said.