Cool in the pool

Cool in the pool


Cool in the pool

An excited Aron tells Metrolife that the ‘Ekalavya Award’ was not only an honour but also a motivation to do better in the upcoming games. “Representing the country is a huge responsibility and the practice has been going on for months together now.

After receiving the Ekalavya Award, I was ecstatic. It only gave me the motivation to do even better at the CWG,” says Aron, who has earlier represented the country in the recent Youth Olympics as well.

Ask him about the sport he loves so much and he says, “When I was three, I didn’t know what I was doing. My parents being athletes put me into swimming. I simply
enjoyed the sport but it was when I turned 13 that I started realising the importance of it and since then there was no looking back.” This second-year bio-technology student at S R N Adarsh College says that while swimming plays an important part in his life, education too holds equal importance.

“There is no way I can give up one. Having taken up such a challenging combination, it is difficult for me to balance both. But it’s thanks to the support of my teachers and parents that I am able to do it,” he adds. Aron says that it is a pity that not many kids take up swimming as a professional career option.

“It is sad that apart from cricket, no other sport in this country is given that much
importance. But that only gives me a better reason to take it up and prove to future generations that there is a future in swimming and that it is as good if not better than other sports,” he says.

While swimming and studying take up most of his time, Aron says that in his free time, he listens to music. “I love soft rock and I constantly listens to music to keep my
focus,” he says.

So does he miss doing regular boy stuff like hanging out with friends or partying? “With the life I have chosen, I know I can’t do what kids my age are doing. But it’s okay, there is still time because once I have achieved my goals, all these things are sure to
follow,” he states.