Pulsating with activities

Pulsating with activities

First Day

Pulsating with activities

Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering, popularly known as RVCE, has been welcoming the freshers every year for the last four decades. This year too, the college campus is abuzz, with fresh batch of students.

The students say they are happy to study in one of the top engineering institutions in the City as it provides a perfect atmosphere for academics and gives opportunities to develop their personality as well.

The first year students are happy that they have chosen the right college and congratulate the management for implementing the anti-ragging rule successfully.
Manish, a first year student of biotechnology, says that the reputation of the college made him decide upon RVCE.

“Every engineering aspirant’s dream is to get admission into RV College. When I got a chance, I didn't want to miss it. There is no ragging and I have  many friends among seniors too,’’ he says enthusiastically.

‘‘We can't take the engineering course lightly as we have to shape our future out of it. Hence, I am serious about my studies from day one,’’ he adds. Amritha has made loads of friends and she is happy with her decision of studying in RVCE.

‘‘I was expecting more fun and light moments on the first day. But nothing great happened on the first day,’’ she laughs. However, she is all praises for the faculty.

‘‘Our lecturers are very good and co-operative. The infrastructure and the facilities are par excellence. Our seniors are friendly and they put us in the comfort zone,’’ she adds.
Sunidhi, another first year student, was able to make friends on the first day itself. She likes the college campus and is experiencing the real joy of college life.

‘‘My PUC classes were very strict like school. But here, we have the freedom to do whatever we want. I am so surprised to know that a lot of cultural activities happen here. The best thing is that our college gives equal importance to the studies as well as extracurricular activities,’’ she appreciates.

Nishanth has come all the way from Patna to fulfill his dream of becoming an engineer.
‘‘My brother studied here and he always has good things to say about this college. That's why I too wanted to study in one of the best colleges. With the help of my friends, seniors and teachers, I am more confident and comfortable now,’’ he concludes.