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Last Updated : 16 September 2010, 12:13 IST
Last Updated : 16 September 2010, 12:13 IST

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College years offer a different experience altogether. It is that time of life when you do things out of boredom and excitement, things that would seem weird after a few years.
It is that time when you survive on infinite shots of tea or coffee and cup-noodles during hunger pangs at night. The combination of kathi rolls and coke become a staple diet for many while spending time with friends.

What makes food good during that period is not just about its taste but its price as well. ‘Cheaper the better’ is the mantra. So it is no wonder that a pack of noodles, worth Rs 10, becomes a permanent part of the balanced diet chart for many. Metrolife talked to people about their food fetish during those three important years of their life.

“It is not out of choice that we end up eating a lot of junk items. More often, it happens while we are hanging out with friends,” says Ambika, a student.

And what forms part of this diet? “Burgers, rolls, paani-puri and even the aloo bonda available in the college canteen,” says Adnan, a BBM student.  

“For me, even the coke which has more ice than cola has become a regular drink,” he adds. Paani-puri and burgers form the top of the list for many others too.

“Currently, I binge on paani-puri and McDonald’s burgers whenever I can,” says Manisha, a student. “I mostly end up having burgers and doughnuts,” adds Monica, a student.  But this enthusiasm for junk doesn’t always continue. Many fall out of love with food items which formed their diet during college years.

Finding a 25-year-old who squirms at the sight of Maggi noodles is not that difficult. “After spending every night on those noodles for so many years, somehow, they don’t look that attractive anymore,” says Shweta, a marketing professional.

“Food you eat during your college years is insane,” says Savitha, a professional. “I used to actually relish the ready-to-eat food items while I lived in a hostel but I can’t stand them anymore,” she says.

But do these college students see themselves not ever touching a plate of paani-puri after they pass out of college? “I don’t think we will stop eating this food but definitely the frequency will decrease,” says Amritha, a student.

“Now, we go and celebrate at McDonald’s, later on I think we would go to a little more
expensive restaurant,” says Manisha.  There are some loyal fans of Maggi who fight back. “I think we will continue eating Maggi all our life irrespective of our age,” says Ameena, a student, enthusiastically.

Published 16 September 2010, 12:13 IST

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