'Issue-based films make you feel responsible'

'Issue-based films make you feel responsible'

Thinking beauty

'Issue-based films make you feel responsible'

Of late, she has also been seen in offbeat films like Apharan, Pankh and Lamhaa. The gorgeous beauty will soon be seen in yet another realistic film Aakrosh, in which she stars opposite Ajay Devgan, Akshay Khanna and Paresh Rawal.

“‘Aakrosh deals with the big social evil of honour killing,” the lady tells Metrolife. “It starts with an investigation into the disappearance of three students in Jhanjhar District. The CBI sends two officers (Ajay Devgan and Akshay Khanna) to the district.”

Bips plays the role of Geeta, a submissive woman married to a police officer (Paresh Rawal). “She is a reclusive girl, who is married to a tyrant of an officer and is extremely scared to voice her opinion,” she says. A character totally opposite to Bips’ bold nature in reality isn’t it?

“Totally,” she agrees. “There is a lot of brutality that happens to her. Had it happened to me in reality, I would have loved to give a few flying kicks,” she laughs.

Is it a conscious decision of hers to do films like Lamhaa and Aakrosh? “It’s a conscious attempt to play different roles,” she says. “Bollywood has strong stereotypes due to the short sightedness of the directors and producers. So when an interesting subject comes my way, I jump at it. I am pretty confident that I can play a realistic role with as much conviction as a glamourous role.”

But is it demoralising when these films fail to do well? “Of course,” she answers. “The eyeballs for these films are much lesser. However, when you are a part of an issue-based film, you feel responsible as you are highlighting the problems of the society.”

Speaking of her last film Lamhaa, which was critically-acclaimed yet failed to make a mark at the box office, she says, “It was aired on TV recently and post the telecast, I got a large number of positive responses. It gave me the gratification to move ahead and think on how to get attention for issue-based films,” she says. Bipasha feels issue-based films should be made on an economical budget. “And we, as actors, should not charge a lot. This will encourage directors to make more such films.”

Speaking of boyfriend John Abraham, Bipasha says he looks “very cute” in the trailers of his upcoming film Jhootha Hi Sahi. “I like his look — a little leaner, younger and softer, unlike the mean-bodied look that he is generally associated with,” she gushes.  She is currently working on Dum Maro Dum and denies rumours of working on No Problem.

Her dream is to work in an “out-and-out action film like The Matrix, Charlie’s Angels or Million Dollar Baby”. She notes, “I am more fit and active than ever before. So I am completely ready for it.”

She will soon be out with her second fitness DVD as well. Bipasha admits she is enjoying this phase of her career as an entrepreneur. “After all, these are the three Fs of my life — fashion, films and fitness,” she laughs as she signs off.

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