Jain basadis neglected here

Last Updated : 18 September 2010, 17:29 IST
Last Updated : 18 September 2010, 17:29 IST

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These historic sites are slowly eroding due to lack of maintenance.

Vijayi Parshwanath temple at Bastihalli in the town and Jain basadi’s are losing sheen  everyday. The foundation of the temple are slowly developing cracks. The roof of the temple leaks during rainy season.

 The temple supposed to have been built in 1133 by then Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana is worth visiting only during summer, as the floor, walls and roof start flaking and releases water droplets during rainy days and cool the atmosphere.
The bats have made the temple their homes making the temple premises untidy. The priceless sculptures are being eroded.
Weeds have made their way surrounding the temple and on the roof. The Manasthamba of temple is becoming brittle and delicate everyday, say locals.
The basadi’s will be a thing of the past if the neglect continued, they add.

Bridge cave in
Meanwhile, a bridge near the Dwarasamudra, a crucial link between Halebeedu and Hassan town has caved in posing danger for commuters.
The road is used by heavy vehicles and buses. A portion of the bridge collapsed on Wednesday while there was heavy rush on the road.
The sudden caving in of the bridge created panic among people. The bridge is decades old and had been poorly maintained all these years.
 The residents have appealed to the PWD to immediately take up repairing of the bridge.
The daily commuters have appealed the concerned authorities to take take up immediate repair works on the bridge to facilitate the easy movement of the traffic on the bridge.
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Published 18 September 2010, 17:29 IST

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