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Emulate Bill Gates

It is heartening to see Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world today deciding not to leave his fortune to his children. Contrast this with our politicians amassing wealth by unscrupulous means and making every one in their extended families millionaires.

I wish our rich businessmen could emulate the example of Bill Gates and teach their children the dignity of creating one’s own wealth.

V Venkatasubramanian

Judicial Corruption hardly surprising

This refers to the editorial "Crisis of credibility" (DH, September 21).

It is naive to believe that all those donning judge's robes are incorruptible. In a country where corruption is almost a way of life, former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan's revelation that eight out of the 16 former chief justices of India were 'definitely corrupt' is hardly surprising. What is surprising, however, is that according to Transparency International, India ranks only 85th in the corruption index which should be a saving grace indeed!!

P P Sethumadhavan

Media’s bias

None of the English news channels carried the news of the death of the blind musician and scholar Dr Puttaraj Gavai. Obviously they do not recognize the greatness of a person like Gavai because he did not belong to the English-speaking elite of our society. Puttaraj Gavai's contribution in running educational institutions for both normal and blind students is unparalled. He was a great Carnatic and Hindustani musician, versatile in playing many instruments like violin, sitar, santoor, tabla etc.



Obam’s obsession with Bangalore

This is with reference to “President Obama Bangaloored again” (DH, Sep 16).

Earlier also during one of his election campaigns, Barack Obama had urged audience to “Say no to Bangalore, yes to buffalo”.  He is well known for his rhetorical speech and as a Senator he was very smart and well informed with his oratory. But merely urging the US students to do better than Bangaloreans will not help. There should be a will to achieve.

Similarly, by forcibly cutting tax benefits to those companies which are outsourcing their business, Obama will be harming his own country in the long run.

Mandikal S Ananda Rao

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