Higher studies or work experience?

Higher studies or work experience?


Higher studies or work experience?

Dear Sir,

I am a Second PUC student. I want to do Hotel Management, but I don’t know what courses are offered in a BHM programme. I want to be a chef on a cruise liner. I also want to start restaurants and pubs of my own. I am planning to do a BHM course in Christ University, Bangalore.

Ashish Parthasarathy

Dear Ashish,

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is a 4-year course that is offered by Christ University, various colleges affiliated to Bangalore University and other universities, as well as hotel chains such as WelcomeGroup (at Manipal), Taj (at Aurangabad) and Oberoi (at Delhi). There are a number of branches of the government-run Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), which also has a college at Bangalore. Hotel Management is a professional course that covers areas such as production, marketing, housekeeping, banquets, finance, maintenance, front office etc. Admission (mostly through entrance exams) is open to anyone who has completed 10+2 with any optional subject. After completing a degree in Hotel Management, you may go in for a specialisation in the field of your choice, in India or abroad. You are sure to have a very good chance of getting a job on a cruise liner.

Dear Sir,

I am doing my 7th semester Engineering (Industrial Production) in a reputed autonomous institution. My marks — so far — have been satisfactory. My overall GPA up to the 6th semester (i.e cgpa) is 8.73. I have scored around 80 per cent. I am extremely confused regarding my future. I cannot decide whether I should pursue higher studies or get myself a job. I was not interested in taking up Industrial Production, but I had to do so because I wanted to get a good job at the earliest which would ease the financial burden on my parents. I have no regrets and I’ve been doing reasonably well, but I’m in a dilemma now as everybody is advising me to take up higher studies, saying that a BE degree is of no value. I am keen on getting a job. I am not that good in design subjects. My strength lies in management subjects and theory-based technical subjects. As taking the GATE involves all the subjects, I am not considering it.


Dear Nidhisha,

In a way it is good that you are keen on taking up a job, since more and more young people are realising that they can choose their specialisation better only after getting a feel of the corporate world. After the recession, jobs for BE graduates in Industrial Production are picking up, so you should be able to get an entry-level job. Besides the money, this job will clarify your doubts about what you are really good at. Work for at least 6-12 months, and then decide about higher studies, either in technology or management.

Dear Sir,

I am a student of Engineering (Computer Science) and I have just finished my 4th semester exams. My percentage has been average. But I had four backlogs until the 3rd semester and I expect to have another two in the 4th semester. At this juncture, I want to quit. But my friends tell me that the 3rd and 4th years are the most important ones and that I should do well in them. Please help me because I am very confused.


Dear Rohini,

It is a fact that some students who struggled in the first four semesters did manage to get through the other two years.  If your backlogs are going to make you lose a year, you may use it to sharpen your skills and improve your study techniques. Do you have the ability to do well in technical subjects? Do not get frustrated and quit unless you are absolutely sure that you are not meant to be an engineer. Do you have any idea about an alternative career? If you are unable to decide, you could seek career counselling.

The counsellor is Chairman of Banjara Academy. E-mail your queries on Studying in India to dheducation@deccanherald.co.in.