Festivals or festive evils?

Festivals or festive evils?

Festivals or festive evils?

They were the commemoration of ancient mythological events and the observance of the triumph of good over evil. Do festivals have the same meaning or have they become FESTIVE EVILS??

 It was during these festivals that the relationships, bonds, ties and social friendship were established and strengthened giving rise to closer ties culminating in weddings and other alliances.

Festivals which were celebrated as a mark of respect and submission of oneself to god, have now taken a different structure from what was bequeathed to us by our ancestors. The religious fervor has declined giving rise to commercialism attaching more importance to irrelevant and insignificant practices. They have induced an extra expenditure in the guise of unwanted, irrelevant rituals and superstitious practices.

This Ganesh Chaturthi was indeed a noteworthy example of the makeover of the festivals, where false practices have crept in, marring the actual purpose of its performance. The people of these modern times have the alacrity mainly in giving a palatial look to their houses, decorating the idols lavishly, and blasting the homes with loud music. They have become extravagant in these matters forgetting in the process the true spirit, significance and respect of the festivity.

The expensive idols purchased are not discharged in the right place  leading to many environmental hazards. The plaster of paris, the synthetic material out of which the idols are made, being nonbiodegradable pose a threat to the ecosystem causing an irreparable loss. To add to this, is the noise pollution from the blaring loud speakers, and also the music system which play songs which are in no way related to the festival or God!! Is this called a festival??

While the primary importance and significance of celebrating all and  sundry festival is to establish and strengthen social bonds it has unfortunately taken a different turn, in the manner and methods of the observance. Social disparities, communal disharmony, hatred and animosity have sprung forth creating unruly behaviour, emanating from the celebrations.

The need of the hour is a serious  and thoughtful way to bring back the true spirit and religious merit of festivals.

 It is disheartening to note that the true essence is marred and the festivals have completely got transformed into festive evils!!!