Gangsters open fire at apartment

Gangsters open fire at apartment

Gangsters open fire at apartment

According to police, the suspect was arrested when he and his associate were fleeing on a motorcycle in Ramamurthy Nagar, Horamavu after firing at Mantri House around 9 pm. While both the suspects were injured when the police fired at them, one of them managed to escape. 

Earlier, the police had said the assailants were wearing white shirts and blue trousers, they admit that no one had seen the attackers. According to Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), the duo had barged into the residential complex and asked the four security guards about their ‘boss’.

When the guards told them that their boss would not be available on the weekends and asked them to come on Monday, the duo fired indiscriminately. They fired three rounds of bullets each, Kumar added.

Although Ghanbahadur Chatri, a guard from Jharkhand, and his three colleagues from Assam did not have any weapons, they did try to put up a fight.

As a result, the suspects fled, police said.  Seeing this, the guard immediately informed the Cubbon Park Police which alerted the Control Room. The police stiffened night patrolling near Horamavu where the suspects had fled. At an undisclosed place, the police spotted them and opened fire at them.

At Mantri House, one bullet hit the board of the residential complex, another ripped the window panes of a house apart. The remaining four hit other parts of the residential building, police added. 

The attackers left an envelope containing a sheet of paper behind with a message to contact Ravi Pujari on an international cellphone number given therein, police said.
The neighbours, interestingly, had ignored the firing brushing them off as someone shouting at monkeys which have been creating nuisance in the locality.

While a similar firing was reported at the house of realtor Samiullah in Jayanagar on February 15, 2007, the office of a private news channel in Indiranagar was attacked in 2009.

Four bullets were recovered till midnight, search was on for the remaining two.  According to police, a Mantri developer had requested for protection from the police on account of alleged threats by Pujari.