Wild elephants create havoc in Suntikoppa

Wild elephants have destroyed coffee plants in a plantation near Suntikoppa, Kodagu district, on Wednesday night.

A herd of wild elephants have destroyed coffee plants in a plantation owned by K C Acchaiah in Kodagarahalli Gram Panchayat limits, Suntikoppa, Kodagu district, on Wednesday.

The herd is still lurking around in the plantation area. The pachyderms have fed on the coffee samplings, along with destroying other plants. Acchaiah has submitted a complaint to the Forest Department in this regard.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that the mass destruction of the plantations means a huge loss. The entire hard work has gone waste.

The herd has been moving around in Kodagarahalli, Kambibane, Mattikadu, Shantageri, Emmegundi, Lebbe, Nettli B Panya, Kenchatti, Manjikere and Kanbailu areas.

The activities of elephants have created panic among the coffee planters, labourers and public in the region.

The elephant havoc has caused headache to the people in Shantageri, Emmegundi, Manjikere and Lebbe areas were the jumbos have been destroying the coffee trees and plantains.

General public, vehicle riders and school children have been fearing to move on the road in the evenings. The villagers have urged the Forest Department to chase the elephants back to the forest.

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Wild elephants create havoc in Suntikoppa


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