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Last Updated 24 October 2019, 00:30 IST

With new technology and innovation, each and every field is blooming with technological advancements and the creative industry of fashion is no different. A paradigm shift in creative careers is being observed that is both futuristic and technologically advanced. Some examples of these are as follows:

Social media manager: Social media till not so long ago was considered solely as a platform to kill time and escape reality. But now it is being increasingly used to build brands. Thus, a social media manager who can traverse through the minutiae of the medium has emerged as a new-age professional in design and fashion.

Social media requires undivided attention and thorough understanding to build an image which is true to the philosophy of the brand. Young design enthusiasts who know their way around the platform can take charge of marketing and engagement on social media and can create and curate engaging and creative content.

UI/UX designer: When we talk about design, the first and foremost priority is always the customer and the design is always created keeping the customer brief in mind. UI/UX designers or user interface and user experience designers who can research about user understanding and requirements and know how to facilitate and utilise the data collected are much in demand.

This data collection helps in effective problem-solving and generating ideas entirely based on the user's demand and requirement. A well-versed creative enthusiast with a knack for research and graphics can start off as a UI/UX designer and can move the way up to become an art or creative director at later stages as this career promises rapid growth.

Data scientist: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the current wave in every industry to make everything easier for designers as well as customers. One such career which is relatively new is that of a data scientist. A data scientist is someone who is well-versed with machines, technology and can analyse data effectively.

A data scientist can work directly or indirectly with a customer and with the help of AI can predict and make personalised recommendations at an individual level. A background in the field of science is appreciated and anyone with a professional qualification or an inclination towards science and technology can pursue this. This is one of the few fields where a background in the creative field is not a mandate.

Sustainability expert: We are living in a paradoxical age where technology is booming but at the same time, the state of the environment is deteriorating. Sustainability is the need of the hour and professionals who can make people understand or develop ways which can minimise the harmful impact of innovation on the environment are in demand. Their job as a sustainability expert is to ensure that organisations follow a circular economy approach and everything from sourcing to producing is done using eco-friendly practices.

This helps large businesses achieve sustainability and customers develop environmental consciousness. Sustainable fashion brands are hiring these experts so they can make more environmentally conscious decisions which cut the impact on the planet and encourage fair trade at all levels.

Fabric researcher: Design and research about material which enhances sustainability or is derived based on customer requirements is the focus of this field. Customers today demand multipurpose or multi-utility products and to augment that demand, a fabric researcher has to understand new material and develop a fabric which is technologically inclined and sustainable.

The fabric which can record vital statistics and monitor medical changes in the body are being developed and prototypes are being tested. Today, smart fabric is popular in the design industry and anyone with a degree in textile engineering or textiles science can work as a fabric researcher and developer.

Customer psychologist: All new-age careers that are being generated right now are based on customer requirements. It is therefore important to understand their psychology and this is where a customer psychologist emerges. Psychologists who can analyse customer personality and behaviour and apply those findings to a particular field are being hired. A psychologist with good data analysis skills can work in the field of design as a fashion psychologist.

Stylists: They are required in every field of fashion — from films and fashion shows to e-commerce. Anyone with a good eye for colours, silhouettes and designers can work as a stylist. The shift in careers and intermixing of multiple fields are here to stay.

(The author is with the JD Institute of Fashion Technology)

(Published 24 October 2019, 00:30 IST)

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