'It bothers me when mediocre films get more credit'

Actress Nithya Menen at IFFI 2019 in Pajim, Goa. | DH Photo: Pushkar V

With her latest film, Bengaluru girl Nithya Menen is back to Malayalam, where she started her career. She was at the 50th edition of the International Film Festival of India with ‘Kolambi’, directed by T K Rajeev Kumar.

Unlike many other actors, Nithya did not look out of place in a film festival atmosphere. DH caught up with her for a chat: 

Q. You are back in Malayalam after travelling through so many industries…
. Honestly, I cannot see it in that sense -- as a comeback. Doing a film is my job, which language is not important. I am unable to perceive it like that.

Q. You seem to do more content-driven work in Malayalam. Do you choose scripts based on the industry?
. Not at all. It’s not a conscious thought process. It’s what is coming to me. I pick the best that I can do. That’s all it is. I think there’s a slight difference in the way they make films in different industries. Malayalam can lean a little more towards the off-beat. It can go there more easily than in other languages. But in general, I don’t make that decision. If I am excited, I just do it.

Q. You know so many languages. Do you employ a different kind of acting between industries?
. No, not at all. I don’t think it’s different in terms of acting. I think I am just really spontaneous. I just do whatever the script demands. Knowing the language really helps. I feel very close to languages but in different ways.

Q. Some actors feel nervous at festivals. Do you?
. No, I don’t feel nervous. (laughs) I feel like this is the home territory. The fact that people are celebrating good films is such a pleasure for me to be honest. It bothers me when mediocre films get much more credit than they deserve. When things are blown so much out of proportion and it’s always so number-driven. It makes me really happy to see people get together to watch good films. I feel like I am part of the group like I belong here.

Q. What has the response to ‘Kolambi’ been like?
. People have been loving the film. They have been moved by the film, for sure. People have said they are really moved by the sensibilities in the film and the nostalgia. 

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