I am open to doing more Kannada films, says Genelia

I am open to doing more Kannada films, says Genelia

I am open to doing more Kannada films, says Genelia

charming Genelia D’Souza dh photo by janardhan b k

Ask the petite Genelia D’Souza how she handles it all and she says that the mantra is to take one thing at a time.

Being a Mangalorean, Genelia says, that there is a special connect when she acts in a South Indian film.

“I definitely enjoy working in Bollywood films and try to balance the number of movies I do in all the industries. But everytime I come down South, I feel that there is a part of me out here,” says Genelia, who is known for her roles in Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, Boys and Bommarilu.

She says that she was never that keen on an acting career. “But when I saw how I was appreciated down South, I fell in love with the industry. I’ve been lucky. I didn’t plan anything. I have never contacted a single producer. I have always done what I wanted to, and gone to any industry I wanted to go to. So far, it’s been an awesome journey.”

Having done her share of Tamil and Telugu films, one wonders why one never got to see her in Kannada after Satya is in Love.

“I had the best time shooting for the film. Shivarajkumar was an amazing co-star. Even I wonder why I never came back to Kannada movies. I am open to doing more Kannada films but I am not getting any good scripts out here. I have a special connect with Bangalore and hopefully I will get good projects to work on again,” she says and adds, “For me, before I sign on anything, be it in any language, I have to feel a connect to the place and the story. Without that connect, I will never be able to do justice to my part.”

Now, Genelia has signed on a new Malayalam film, which will be a first for her. Delighted about the project but unable to talk about it, the actress says that she is  looking forward to it. “Especially since Malayalam films are known for their unique style of filmmaking,” she adds.

Has concentrating on Southern films affected her Bollywood career? “Not at all. There has never been an issue about where I work. There are people who have left one industry to concentrate on the other. But I love my work and I can never leave it for anything,” she signs off.