Not scared of being typecast: Bipasha Basu

Last Updated 12 March 2013, 09:38 IST

After earning rave reviews for her performance in two films from the horror franchise 'Raaz', Bipasha Basu, who will next be seen in 'Aatma' in the same genre, says she is not afraid of being typecast.

The 34-year-old actress said the forthcoming film, directed by Suparn Verma and also starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, gave her ample scope to act.

Bipasha took the plunge into acting 13 years back and her first horror film 'Raaz' happened soon after.

"In fact, I believe I should have done a higher number of ghost stories. I am the one person who had done films of all genres - from negative ones in her debut to something like 'Jism' which no other leading female actors would try. From comedy to thriller I had done everything, which shows I have not been typecast," she said.

Bipasha, however, admitted that there were not many directors who wrote good roles for entertainers.

"There are very few directors who write good roles for entertainers. But as an actor I certainly wish to do roles that are entertaining," she said.

Bipasha found an exception in Suparn who, she said, not only gave her a good story, but also a good character worth waiting for.

She said 'Aatma' also taught her the essence of motherhood. "Who knows one day I would be a mother too, and a good mother at that!"

"My role required a lot of emotion. Doyel (the child actor) and I got very attached from day one. You know I had to match every whim of a child. I felt ma hoye kirakam lage (how it feels to be a mother)," Bipasha said at a press meet here.

Asked if she drew references from her mother, whom she frequently visits here and gets stumped by the changing facade of the city as well, Bipasha said she drew inspiration from all the women she had come in touch with, their maternal instincts, but specially her mother.

Asked if she was afraid of ghosts in real life, Bipasha said she considered herself not a very brave girl.

"There had been uncanny experiences during the film's shoot and I am not a very brave girl," she said.

On arthouse movies, the former model said she had done that kind of movies for just one particular year, and now she would like to go for more entertainers which commanded higher following.

"I am not suggesting, however, that I will not do such films (arthouse). For me the storyline and the script matter and yes our films are getting more and more realistic these days. That is a welcome sign," she said.

Bipasha described co-star Nawazuddin as a "fantastic" actor "who must have thought us crazy in his first visit to the set and then got a hang of it."

"None but Nawajuddin could bring the character to life. There is a surprise element between the two of us for our respective roles," said Bipasha.

Nawazuddin, a revelation in 'Kahaani', said he was looking forward to a sequel and also for a lead role in a Buddhadeb Dasgupta movie to be shot shortly.
'Aatma' is set for a March 22 release.

(Published 12 March 2013, 09:38 IST)

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