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Last Updated 23 September 2016, 21:17 IST

Bridget Jones’s Baby
English (A) Cast: Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey
Director: Sharon Maguire

The bubbly Bridget (Zellweger) is back in Jones’s Baby as a successful TV news producer. However, she needs more than a successful career — a perfect partner — as she celebrates her 43rd birthday! Unfortunately, she messed up again by sleeping with stranger Jack (Dempsey) at a weekend holiday and later with her ex-boyfriend Mark (Firth).

Weeks after, bridget discovers she’s is pregnant. So comes the complications in her rather quiet life. And staying true to her wacky character she is on a mission to find out who the child’s real father is.

This 3rd series of Bridget Jones is clearly cheesy besides being totally sentimental, but there are many joyous moments. The big love shown by her fans is clearly evident as they sang along with her the 1970s hit track All By Myself. She has not changed a bit in her core character.

The makers of the film made sure she is more appealing even as she commits one of the worst possible mistakes in her life. She is warm, open-hearted and vulnerable and yet strong. And most of all the audience fans can easily relate themselves with her life.

On the acting front, Zellweger is back at her best after a long ‘disappearing act’ from the film industry. She is totally in control of her character. While Firth fits perfectly as a the dejected ex-boyfriend  Dempsey brings in a lovable American character Jack.  You will also love Emma Thompson who comes in as a hilarious doctor — sassy and fun loving.

The  plot of Bridget Jones’s Baby is simple and straight, but be ready for warm surprises and lots of smiles. The charming character of Bridget’s other love interest Daniel (played by Hugh Grant in earlier editions) is not forgotten. Have fun once again with the adventure of a fearless, recklessly flawed and fabulous character.

(Published 23 September 2016, 20:51 IST)

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