Fisheries' problem: Phone-in programme today

Fisheries' problem: Phone-in programme today

Chikkaveera Nayak

The fishermen in Coastal Karnataka are in distress following the ban imposed by the Goan government to transport fish to Goa from Karnataka.

Fisheries Department Deputy Director Chikkaveera Nayak will answer questions raised by the public to the fishermen community on Tuesday.

“Has the fish caught in the coastal areas been adulterated with formalin? The fish catch too has declined over a period of time. The fishermen face problems of subsidy, lack of supply of ice and lack of space for anchoring boats. What are the welfare projects by the state government,” are questions hovering in the minds of the people in Coastal Karnataka.

People may dial toll-free number 1800–599–2220 on November 20 between 11 am and 12 noon for any answers to the problems faced by the fishermen.