'Fired in self defence after Tulsiram opened fire'

Last Updated 20 December 2018, 18:48 IST

An officer of the Gujarat police, who fired at Tulsiram Prajapati, on Tuesday, admitted that he opened fire in self-defence and sought to demolish CBI's fake-encounter charge.

Inspector Ashish Pandya, who was attached to the Anti-Terrorism Squad of Gujarat police, said that he had gone to Ambaji town near the Rajasthan-Gujarat border after orders from superiors, who had told him that Tulsiram had escaped from police custody while on transit.

Advocate Rajesh Bindra, who is representing Pandya, said that Tulsiram was spotted with two others but he fired towards the police.

"The officer sustained wound because of that," he said, it has also been established that the wound was not self-inflicted.

"A witness has testified that such an injury was possible from a distance of two to three feet, which shows that it is not self-inflicted. As far as injuries to Tulsiram were concerned, it was from a distance to 8 to 10 feet. Tulsiram had sustained injuries on the front side," Bindra told Additional Sessions Judge S J Sharma, who presides over a special CBI court.

He also said that there was no evidence that Pandya had planted the 'katta' on Tulsiram's body.

Other members of Pandya's team— Assistant Sub Inspector Jethu Singh, Head Constable Karan Singh Chauhavm, Constable Kanjubhai Kutchi, Constable Vinod Limbachia and driver Karansing Sishodia, too denied charges against them.

Judge asks about third person

Special CBI Judge S J Sharma asked CBI about its foundation that the third person with Sohrabuddin Shaikh and Kausar Bi was Tulsiram Prajapati.

"What is the foundation.... That he (Tulsiram) told this to jail inmates (in Udaipur)...," he said and wanted to know whether the CBI had shown Tulsiram's photo to the travel agent, driver, conductor, cleaner and the co-passengers.

(Published 04 December 2018, 14:23 IST)

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