Indian student refuses to leave Ukraine without his dog

While Rishabh has shared his and his dog’s passport details with the authorities, he said, 'they still keep asking for more documents'
Last Updated 28 February 2022, 06:58 IST

While everyone stranded in Ukraine is looking for ways to get out of the war-hit country, a third-year engineering student from India at Kharkiv National University has refused to leave the country.

Rishabh Kaushik, who has been in contact with the Indian embassy since February 18 and has been contacting AQCS [Animal Quarantine and Certification Service] in Delhi, has refused to leave Ukraine without taking his pet dog with him.

While Rishabh has shared his and his dog’s passport details with the authorities, he said that “they still keep asking for more documents.”

"They are asking for my air ticket. How can I have an air ticket when the Ukrainian airspace is closed?" he said in a video.

Rishabh is currently hiding in a bunker with his dog in the capital city of Kyiv. He said that he got 'Malibu', the rescue puppy, last February in Kharkiv.

Amid the sirens and constant bombing, Rishabh has to stay in the bunker with his dog but when it gets too cold underground, he gets out of the bunker to help his dog feel warmer.

Regarding the situation in Kyiv, Rishabh said, “Normal food stores, supply chains are running out of water or food. Nothing is there. People are taking them to the bunkers.”

"I am stuck here since my flight was on February 27," he said and introduced the puppy in the video, adding, "I would have been in India right now had the Indian government given me the required NOC (no objection certificate) as per the laws.”

"If you can, please help us. Even the Indian embassy in Kyiv is not helping us out. We don't have updates from anyone," he appealed to the Indian government.

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