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Last Updated 29 October 2013, 13:17 IST

Bangaloreans grooved to lively beats when DJ Kevin McHugh, popularly known as ‘Ambivalent’, made his way to the City recently. 

Kevin, who was here as part of a three-city tour, along with DJ Ash Roy, spun tunes that made the evening memorable. The event organised by Submerge was held at Pebble. 

Kevin, who loved the City for its energy, exclaimed, “From what I’ve seen, Bangalore is more hectic than Delhi. Of course, it’s crazier in Mumbai. When it comes to the style of music though, Bangalore is a bit more modern in it’s taste.” Pointing out to the music potential the City has, Kevin rues that it’s not been exploited enough. 
“There’s a tonne of potential but the problem is that there is hardly any night life which I see is the biggest hindrance,” said Kevin who’s first visit to India was last year. 
Elaborating on his style of music, Kevin said that he prefers being popular for ‘technical music’ rather than Electronic Dance Music (EDM). “EDM comes with a lot of baggage since it is considered commercial. My music is more underground,” he explained, adding, “Although I don’t know what to expect, I’m eager to see how well my music goes down with the audience.” 
The influence of Berlin and New York, where Kevin has spent the last decade is clear in his music, with it tending to be techno with a modern twist. “My music is more for people who are interested in music in its purest forms. It is not for mass consumption,” he stated. The crowd, which kept trickling in through the late evening, couldn’t ask for better music. 

“I’m here to chill with some good music. I’m really hoping that it will live up to my expectations,” said Kumar, an attendee. 
With all praises for the music and the DJs, Teja, a music lover said, “I liked Kevin’s style. It’s different and fun at the same time. I’m glad that I came here since it’s not often that I find music that I like.” 

(Published 29 October 2013, 13:17 IST)

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