Bengalureans not serious about eye care, finds survey

Last Updated 12 October 2019, 20:25 IST

About 75% of Bengalureans visit an ophthalmologist only when they encounter an eye problem, a survey has revealed.

The nationwide survey covered 1,000 adults and 300 doctors. Thirty doctors from Bengaluru told the surveyors that only 25% of the patients came for a general or preventive checkup.

While 93% of the patients visiting the ophthalmologists in the city had a cataract, 83% of them had eye conditions related to diabetes.

The study was conducted by Signify in association with the Hansa Research Group, New Delhi.

Age-related muscular degeneration, glaucoma and eye infections are some of the other conditions that prompted patients to visit the eye clinic, but they often ignored problems like squinting, blurred vision and frequent blinking.

Doctors identified poor lifestyle, lack or irregular sleeping pattern, wrong posture and long screen time as reasons for eye problems.

Meanwhile, 65% of the adult participants of the survey said maintaining healthy eyesight is key priority, though a few actively worked towards accomplishing it.

Ophthalmologists said three in four Indians reported eyestrain after 10 hours of daily screen time, while adults in the age group of 20-35 frequently reported eyestrain, redness and irritation in the eyes.

“This widespread health concern is further compounded by the lackadaisical attitude of Indian adults towards eye care,” a researcher noted. “Only one in five adults go for regular eye checkups, and an alarming majority (84%) admit to not following their doctor’s recommendations for eye care.”

Responses by the adults found that four of five Indians admitted to not having followed the doctor’s recommendations for eye care, while just one of five actually went for regular eye checkups.

(Published 12 October 2019, 19:18 IST)

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