Did you know? Home chefs need registration, licence

They can be fined up to Rs 5 lakh if they don’t comply, and the authorities can walk in for inspection anytime
Last Updated : 17 August 2021, 07:06 IST

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Those running food businesses from home have to register mandatorily with the Food Safety Association of India.

Since the pandemic broke out, home chefs in Bengaluru are using social media and delivering their food to their customers’ doorstep.

They are now being reminded they have to sign up and register. The law has been in force since August 5, 2011. Since March this year, 2,300 home businesses have registered across India.

How it works

A licence is mandatory for units with sales above Rs 12 lakh and just a registration will do if the revenue is below that amount. Business owners have to go to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) website to register.

The procedure can be completed fairly easily. Licences and registrations are issued by the district office of the Food Safety Department.

The owner has to ensure the water and ingredients are of good quality. In case of complaints, food safety officials can carry out an inspection and levy a fine.

Penalty cost

If a home chef is caught without licence or registration, the fine is up to Rs 5 lakh and imprisonment of up to six months, according to FSSAI.

Selling adulterated food invites strict punishment. For selling without a label, the fine is Rs 3 lakh.

Selling substandard quality food can invite a penalty of Rs 5 lakh.

Not difficult

Neel Sharma, who recently started Griham, Indian homemade snacks, signed up before starting his business. “I actually got it done through an agency and it was done within a month’s time. It cost me Rs 4,000,” he says.

The official fee for registration depends on the scale of the business.

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