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Last Updated : 26 June 2012, 13:29 IST
Last Updated : 26 June 2012, 13:29 IST

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Uttara Bhoopa BeeChi, an adaptation with a serious plot line and rare humour, was staged recently in the City.

The play was based on the book Uttara Bhoopa, written by the late Rayasam
Bhee­masena Rao, popularly known as BeeChi.  Known for his sense of
humour, BeeChi’s writing involves the subtle use of satire that makes his work enjoyable indeed.

The storyline of the play features interesting facts which are based on true events.
The drama unfolds with BeeChi wittily answering questions.

Gradually, it moves on to a couple, who provoke a wide range of emotions — from bafflement to enjoyment — as they discuss the marriage of their only daughter.

The husband’s love for literature and the wife’s ideologies are unparalleled.
The couple publish an advertisement in the newspapers about a suitable
groom for their daughter and prepare question papers as a part of the selection process.
On the other hand, the daughter has her own views on marriage.

The performance showcased the generation gap and individualistic persona about marriage with many comical scenarios. “The play has lots of ingredients and I think we can put up more than 100 shows. I have seen many people who come more than once to watch this play.

It’s the perfect break for people with busy schedules,” says Shyam Sundar, the secretary of Antaranga, the theatre group which hosted the play.
Archana Shyam, the director of the play, explains that the drama is perfectly suited for someone who wants to indulge in a laughter session.

“This is my first comedy play as a director. It was a great experience to work on this because it is completely dialogue oriented,” explains Archana.
Adarsh, a theatre lover, thinks BeeChi is absolutely marvellous. “He brings out the comical side of everything that is happening around us. I have read his book and I enjoyed the play as much as I enjoyed the book,” he exclaims.

Published 26 June 2012, 12:59 IST

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