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Last Updated 04 August 2017, 21:09 IST

Singer-songwriter Jim Morrison once said, “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” While compromises take over every other relationship, friendship is where one can be their true self. With ‘Friendship Day’ falling on August 6, celebrities from Sandalwood recollect special moments with their closest buddies.

Actor Vijay Raghavendra met Vishal Hegde at the auditions of ‘Ninagagi’ 17 years back. “We greeted each other and got talking and before we knew it, we were friends. Since then we have stood by each other. He was there for my wedding and when my wife was in the hospital. We have the freedom to call each other anytime,” he says.

Working in the entertainment industry has not affected Vijay’s relation with Vishal. “We meet less now. But even if Vishal and I haven’t met for a month, we start from the same note where we left,” says Vijay. His wife Spandana sometimes playfully says that she is jealous of Vishal. “That is how close Vishal and I are,” says Vijay.

For some, their best friends are their travel partner, their 3-am-friend and their best confidante. Actor Sanchita Shetty loves spending time with her best friend Priyanka aka Nicky and cannot think of a day without talking to her.

“I met her through her brother but soon enough, we became inseparable. She is a courageous person and only gives positive vibes. She is a mature person and we share a lot of fun moments, be it while shopping or going for a trek together,” she says.

Sanchita likes the fact that Nicky isn’t from the film industry. “This brings in different perspectives to every conversation,” she adds.

Actor Krishi Thapanda’s closest friends Vinay and Anup have always stood by her. “We met during our PUC days. I met Anup first and Vinay was his friend. We weren’t from the same college, yet we would bunk classes and chill out together,” she says.

“We know each other inside out. There has been no birthday of mine which we haven’t celebrated together. In fact, last year Vinay got a tattoo of my name done,” she adds. Despite them not meeting as often as they would like to, the trio are in touch with each other everyday. “They’re just a call away. In today’s time when relationships are complicated, I know that they would set aside anything to be with me, if I need them,” she adds.

Suraj Gowda loves the company of his friends Chethan, Anil and Vishwa. “Though I talk to everyone, I do not have a lot of friends. I met them after I moved to Bengaluru. They are more like family to me. Within no time, I was visiting their homes and their folks were preparing amazing food for me,” he says.

“They are different from each other -- Anil is the most responsible, ethical and sensitive person I have ever met. Chethan is a carefree soul and Vishwa, who I’ve acted with in ‘Siliconn City’, was the reason we all got together. He’s a gem of a person,” Suraj adds.
On Friendship Day, Suraj intends to catch up with his friends. “I will be headed to Madikeri for a shoot and my friends will also be coming along. What more could I ask for?”

(Published 04 August 2017, 15:35 IST)

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