Man 'beats five-year-old stepdaughter to death'

Last Updated 29 June 2014, 21:06 IST

A five-year-old girl was allegedly beaten to death by her stepfather at his home in Dasarahalli near Hebbal on Saturday night. Police have arrested the suspect, identified as Bhaskar who works at a private factory in the City.

The victim, Pavalika, was the daughter of Arunabai and Ramulu Naidu. Her mother had married Bhaskar in January this year. Naidu had died three years ago, the police said.

Arunabai works as a sweeper at a private firm.

The incident occurred when Bhaskar returned home at 8 pm.

 He was drunk and is said to have got furious when he saw Pavalika accidentally push a kerosene bottle while stepping out of the bathroom. 

The bottle fell down, broke into pieces and the kerosene spilled all over the floor, said the police.

Bhaskar then grabbed her and began hitting her with a big stick. She sustained severe injuries on the head and legs, and collapsed, added the police.

When the victim’s mother Arunabai returned home at 9 pm, she was stunned to see Pavalika lying unconscious in a pool blood.

 When she confronted Bhaskar, he lied, saying Pavalika and her elder sister Ragini had fought. He claimed that Ragini had shoved Pavalika in a fit of anger.

A panic-stricken Arunabai took Pavalika to Chetan Hospital where she was given first aid and doctors later suggested that she be shifted to another hospital. 

Pavalika was then taken to the Columbia Asia Hospital where doctors said she had died about an hour ago and both her legs were fractured.

 The severe injury on Pavalika’s head caused suspicion and doctors told Arunabai that a mere push would not have caused it. Later, the police were called.

After examining the body and considering doctors’observations, the police detained Bhaskar who, during interrogation, is said to have confessed to the crime.

Arunabai told the police that her two daughters from the first marriage began living with her after she married Bhaskar in January this year.

She had recently brought them to the City but Bhaskar did not have a liking for them, she said.

Arunabai said her first husband Naidu had died after an animal attacked him in a farm land in Kadiri, Andhra Pradesh. 

(Published 29 June 2014, 20:51 IST)

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