Millennials say travel is an escape from daily drudgery

A survey claims that 57 per cent of the young population’s priority is to travel
Last Updated 30 August 2019, 12:47 IST

Deloitte, an accounting organisation and professional services network, in its latest ‘Global Millennial Survey’ drew the changing lifestyle and priorities of millennials and Generation Z.

The survey claimed that 57 per cent of the young population’s priority is to travel or see the world. Among them, women (62 per cent) were more interested in travelling the world compared to men (51 per cent).

Owning a home, getting married or starting a family have taken a backseat, according to the survey.

Metrolife finds out more about this altering lifestyle.

Sense of satisfaction

Sri Vidhya, an IT infrastructure engineer at British Telecom, who is currently on a trip to Bhutan, says that investing in travelling for her is as important as saving money for the future.

It makes her happy and gives her a sense of satisfaction about life.

“I believe in living your life to the fullest. I save the necessary amount of money and the rest I spend on travelling and experiences.”

Vidhya also cites movies based on travelling as one of the reasons driving millennials to choose an adventurous lifestyle.

She has travelled across India and has taken two solo trips to international destinations. “I would never regret spending my earnings on travel; I would spend my money on visiting new places rather than on materialistic things,” she adds.

Life shouldn’t be sedentary

Shruthi Gowda, digital strategist, says the change in priorities has occurred because people have started to realise that there is more to life than just ‘settling down’.

“Now, we are well aware that life is about experiences. The earlier goals like marriage, kids seem sedentary to many, which is why it is not a priority,” she told Metrolife.

An escape from routine life

For Vishal Jayanth, an entrepreneur, travelling is a way for him to cool down. He takes impromptu solo trips on his bike whenever he feels like he needs one.

He shares about one of his expeditions, “I went on a week-long solo bike ride around South India when I felt burnt out. I was under depression, and it was not something that I could talk it out with people. So, I went on a trip. It was therapeutic.”

When he came back, he was full of energy.

What was once luxury, travelling has become a necessity for most of the younger generation. Vishal observes that many go on a vacation just to escape from something.

He says, “I do it, and many of my friends and people I know do the same thing. It is a like a pattern -- you live, burn out, take a trip and come back.”

Why more women prefer travelling

Answers Shruthi, “The sense of freedom one experiences while travelling could be why more women are for it.”

About the survey

Apart from lifestyle changes, Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey also explores the generation’s views on the social and political environment, media, traditional institutions and career.

The survey’s conclusion: “Millennials and Generation Zs are expressing uneasiness and pessimism about their careers, their lives and society.”

(Published 30 August 2019, 12:43 IST)

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