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Last Updated : 14 January 2010, 13:20 IST
Last Updated : 14 January 2010, 13:20 IST

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Small Infinities, a play which explores the life and work of Sir Isaac Newton, the father of modern science was recently performed in the City by the Bangalore Little Theatre Group.

Written by American playwright Alan Brody and directed by Prakash Belavadi, the play delves into Newton's intense desire to acknowledge the unity of God's design and the complexity of human relationships.

Isaac Newton, who is best known for his worthy scientific contributions to mankind, was a difficult man in person.

He was prone to depression and was almost left alone during his later years.

The play sheds light on Newton's self-loving nature and the lack of trust he had on his friends — Edmund Halley and Nicholas Fatio De Duilliers even though they helped him come up with his scientific theories. He later lost them because of his distrust.

Due to overwork and the a slew of controversies, he suffers a severe nervous breakdown. He recovers from the disorder with the help of his cousin Catherine Bart and rose to the highest post in the Royal Court and becomes Sir Isaac Newton. But he loses Catherine in the bargain.

In the end, he believes that he has become the assassin of God and a failure.

The play offers a first hand experience of Newton's life and the brilliant performance by the young and enthusiastic artists of Bangalore Little Theatre made it a fascinating journey into the dark side of the great genius. The set was
realistic, stark and the smooth.

The props truly enriched the experience. “I knew about Newton's great
contributions to mankind but after watching this play I came to know of the
darker side of a great man.

His passion for science and hard work to bring about universal truth behind God's creation are amazing. Despite its historical context, the play is educative as well as entertaining," said Sandesh Apte, a play enthusiast.

The cast comprised of Deepak Padki, Kishore Acharya, Balaji Manohar, Rukmini Vijaykumar and Shashank Purushotham.

Published 14 January 2010, 13:20 IST

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