'Performing in India is a challenge'

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Last Updated : 18 September 2012, 14:03 IST
Last Updated : 18 September 2012, 14:03 IST

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Canadian magician Eric Leclerc has demonstrated his sleight of hand in many countries and made many fans of all age groups post demonstrating his magical illusions but he has a special place for Indian audience owing to the way they cheered for him.

Eric, who recently performed in the City for the first time at Delhi Tourism’s Magic Festival, was overwhelmed by the response of people, particularly children.

“This was my first performance in India and it was so much fun. People just love watching a magic show. Also, it is different performing here as people speak Hindi which is a totally new experience for me. I loved the way people cheered and created a buzz during the performance,” said 27-year old Eric, who is on a three-week trip to India.

Eric specialises in acts for children and comic acts. “It is kind of challenging to perform in India as people speak in Hindi but the kids here are amazing and I could easily connect with them. They took my performances to a whole new level,” he added.

For his part, Eric learnt his first magic trick when he was nine. “My love for magic started at the age when I received a magic kit for Christmas. The trick in the kit was making a silk scarf disappear which I perform even now,” he shared with Metrolife.

Eric loves to perform involving kids on stage as he likes their energy. He says, “Magic is universal.  It is fun both for family and kids. I love doing acts with children. When I perform with them, they become the star, not I. Moreover I love kids.”

For him, magic in an amalgamation of art and illusion and people get amazed by it, knowing that it is not true because they can see the unseen. “I have been performing for years now and I love doing it more and more.

Magic knows no bounds and takes everyone to the ultimate in a visual treat. People get amazed by magic because they visualise amazing tricks and can see the unseen,” said Eric.

Eric came to India without any pre-conceived notion but was eager to see the Indian magicians’ work. “I was amazed and was very eager to come to India when I was approached. I wanted to come here and see what Indian magicians do. I am loving my stay here and would love to come back again.”

After magic festival, Eric, like most of the foreign visitors, will head to Agra to see the most beautiful symbol of love – Taj Mahal. “I am going to Taj Mahal and after that I plan to go to Jaipur and Ajmer.”   

Published 18 September 2012, 14:03 IST

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