Runaway lorry kills boy, injures 3

Last Updated 19 July 2010, 19:14 IST

The accident occurred in front of the Meethabai Government School when the children were crossing the road to reach the school.

The dead boy was Sanjay Kumar (11), according to Upparpet traffic police. Abhilash (13), a seventh standard student from same school and Parthiv (13) from the neighbouring school –– Arya Vidya Shala and  Saraswathamma (55), a BBMP pourakarmika suffered major injuries. At around 9.10 am, Sanjay crossed the road and was about to enter the school premises but fate seemed to have intervened. One of his classmates, on the other side of the road asked him to wait for him. In two minds, Sanjay who was still on the road hesitated, and was knocked down by a mini-lorry coming from behind. Sanjay died on the spot.

Doctors are of the opinion that Sanjay might have died due to brain hemarrohage. The other three injured had a miraculous escape. Sarswathamma was busy sweeping when the van hit her. The vehicle has been seized and driver Naveen is in police custody.

Driver’s say

“I was driving at a decent speed and was forced to deviate in order to avoid a speeding cab, approaching from the main road. I didn't see the kids crossing or standing on the edge of the footpath. I remember steering towards the left and before I got control of the vehicle, everything was over,” said a shocked Naveen.

School closed

For the last four years, the deceased Sanjay, a resident of Lakshmipura was studying in Tamil medium in Meethabai Government School. School principal Mala said, “Sanjay was a very smart and jovial boy. He mingled with others and had many friends. School children are shocked. We need to take the help of physiologists and counsellors to pep up the students and parents.”

“We declared holiday and will resume to work from Tuesday,” she added.

The Department of Education has come forward to extend financial help to the deceased family. “An amount of Rs 30,000 will be given to Sanjay’s mother,” said K G Anjanappa, Block Education Officer, whose office is located in same building as Sanjay’s school.

Heart-rending scenes were witnessed at the Victoria Hospital mortuary as Sanjay’s mother Latha was inconsolable.

“It is a double blow for her family as she had lost her husband Subramani to jaundice a few months ago. Her second son is staying with his relatives in Tamil Nadu and eldest daughter helps her out in household chores. There is no one to take care of the family,” said one of their neighbours.  Latha works as  a domestic help.

Making the best of the situation

 In an attempt to pull out some money from the school authorities, one of Sanjay’s neighbours approached the Block Education Officer introducing himself as the victim’s elder brother but his artistic skills fell short and he was exposed.

Anjanappa said  “A youth landed in my office and introduced himself as Sanjay’s elder brother. He was sobing desperately and requested to give some money for cremation.
Initially, we got carried away and just before I could take out my wallet, another colleague asked him, “You should have been with the mother at the mortuary and how come you landed here?”

He then started yelling at the officers. “We got suspicious and while continuing his drama, he dropped a wrong name of the deceased –– Raghu, instead of Sanjay. Finally,  when it went to extreme, we were forced to call the cops,” Anjanappa said.

(Published 19 July 2010, 19:14 IST)

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