Summer months bring along host of ailments

Poor water intake can lead to health problems in the hot months, say doctors.
Last Updated 10 March 2019, 12:59 IST

The mercury hit 37 Celsius in Bengaluru last week, and also marked the advent of summer ailments.

Sore throat, viral infections, nose bleeds and other heat-related problems are becoming common.

Many complain of headache, and it is caused by dehydration, says Dr Chandil Gunashekar, general physician, Ashok Clinic, Basavangudi.

“Also, fevers are doing the rounds. Changing weather causes viral ailments to rise. One needs to increase water intake, else dehydration and infections are common,” says Dr S G Harish, senior consultant (Internal Medicine), BR Life SSNMC Hospital.

“Sudden changes in climate trigger allergic problems. Asthma patients are also prone to attacks during the season,” he says.

Nose bleeds are a concern among children and adults due to the rising temperatures, says Dr Honey Ashok, senior consultant, ENT, Sakra World Hospital.

“While this is rare throughout the year, we have been addressing about five cases every day since the last month. This happens because of dryness; an area of the nose cracks and leads to bleeding. There is a 90 per cent increase compared to the entire year,” she says. Cold and cough are observed when the weather changes, she says.

“People opt for cool drinks and ice creams to quench their thirst which leads to an increase in throat infections,” she says. Doctors also see a spurt in diarrhoeal complaints.

“Cut fruits been kept outside are being consumed. In the last 15 days, we have treated about 30 such cases,” says Dr Sandeep M S, senior consultant (gastroenterologist), Apollo Hospital. Mild gastroenteritis symptoms have come up. Another summer complaint is constipation.

Water intake should increase during the season as water loss leads to these conditions, he says.

Cool drinks and sodas, consumed widely in summer, cause acidity, gastritis and acid reflux.

“Avoid carbonated drinks and spicy and junk food,” he says.

Food poisoning is also a seasonal ailment, observes Dr Ravikumar V N, senior physician (internal medicine), Columbia Asia Hospital.

“There is a 40 per cent rise in these cases. Food gets contaminated easily in summer if not preserved well. Viral diarrhoea due to contaminated water is also common,” he says.

Consuming boiled water and well-preserved and stored food is a must.

“It is best to avoid street food like panipuri,” he advises.

Other ailments of the season include malaria, heat strokes, sun rashes and hay fever.

“Avoid getting exposed to dust. Keep away from anyone suffering from a cold,” he adds.

Keep cool this Summer

- Increase your water intake by at least 500 ml.
- Tender coconut is good, and helps in rehydration.
- Eat fruits only if you are sure they are stored safely.
- Gargle with hot or salt water if you have a sore throat.
- Maintain proper hand hygiene.
- Keep away from street food like panipuri.

Nose bleed? Do this

To avoid nosebleeds, apply a small amount of vaseline (petroleum jelly) at the opening of the nostril to keep skin moist. Cover the nose if in a dusty area. If nose starts bleeding, pinch it to stop the bleeding.

(Published 10 March 2019, 12:50 IST)

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