Crowds matter; so do keepsakes entrapping them

Last Updated 08 February 2013, 20:04 IST

What’s a fair without a fair share of thronging and thrusting crowd? What are stalls, immaculate, spick and span designer cubicles, without their eye-catching enticements to pull crowds to their counters?

Chaotic, cacophonic, cajoling stream of crowds, if exhibitors are to be believed, do matter. And what’s more, they await them with pleasure and privilege.

This was what Deccan Herald learnt following a recce of stalls, eliciting views of those manning them. Aero India 2013 was an eye-opener that keepsakes and crowd go together and exhibitors ensure that.

From curious common citizens to officious corporate CEOs, aspiring students thrilled for a tete-a-tete with prospective employers, servicemen talking shop, women and children, wanting their share of action, exhibitors have seen them all rejoice and revel in it.

From pens, key chains, paper and plastic carrybags, colourful caps, a range of toffees and sweetmeats, sweetscented mints, trinkets and boxes. Well, the extent to which companies can go to spruce up their stalls.

Innovative in keeping with the times and trends, these keepsakes turn brand ambassadors, say exhibitors. They are also made to order to suit the situation. One such was an innocuously placed, mysterious square stand.

At first sight, one would mistake it for a company’s product exhibit. However, with curiosity getting the better of oneself, the exhibitor, sportingly explains by requesting one to hand over a mobile.

Lo and behold! the mobile sticks to the stand. What better way of charming the curious onlooker and appreciate his/her attention.

The man further explains crowds are no bother at all. They, in fact, are as welcome as officials and businessmen. For, who knows, from among them some may land up a job with them, (many handed over their CVs to him), some may become partners in progress, some propose tie-ups for business with them.

There you have it. Crowds and keepsakes are twin sides of the same coin. Ask the experienced and enterprising exhibitors who have made a fine art of it, ensuring good business strategy for their companies.

(Published 08 February 2013, 20:04 IST)

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