Sakrama shrouds TDR scheme

Sends wrong message to law-abiding: Lokayukta
Last Updated 15 July 2010, 18:08 IST

The TDR scheme was floated for the people who stand to lose their properties for road widening projects. It allows the affected people to construct extra floors on their remaining property and also to sell the right to anyone who intends to build an additional floors. The scheme was also seen as an alternative route for regularisation of illegal structures.

“We feel cheated today. Now, who will buy this TDR certificate from us? If the government wanted to legalise illegal structures it should not have approved the Sakrama scheme,” said Sadiq Ali, a land loser on Tannery Road.

Many residents felt that it will pave way for ghettoisation of Bangalore. Ravi, a resident of Banashankari said the scheme benefits the real estate developers who do not want to approach statutory authorities like the BDA, BBMP, BMRDA or the Karnataka Housing Board. “It will simply promote slums in the city. The private developers will not leave any lung space in the layout, which is necessary for a healthy environment,” he felt.

Lokayukta frowns

Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde has criticised Sakrama scheme saying that it demeans the previous law.

“It sends a wrong message to the people that you can violate law with impunity as there is no punishment. It is a reward to the law-breakers and punishes those who rely on the system and build their houses as per law,” he said.  

People are already losing faith in the system and law and such a step would further discourage them, Santosh Hedge felt.

He opined that there should have been a meaningful discussion in the House.
An office bearer of Civic Bangalore, Kathyayini Chamaraj said, “We are opposed to any kind of regularisation. It penalises law-abiding people and rewards the people who broke the law. You happily violate law and get it regularised. The whole ethics of governance is turned on its head. Its a sign of the time, evil triumph over truth.”

(Published 15 July 2010, 18:08 IST)

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