Democrat probe a big, fat, fishing expedition: Trump

Democrat probe a big, fat, fishing expedition: Trump

Donald Trump. AFP file photo.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday furiously branded a sweeping new investigation by Democrats of his inner circle a "big, fat, fishing expedition."

In a series of early morning tweets, the president said the House Judiciary Committee investigation of his alleged crimes was "the greatest overreach in the history of our Country."

"The real crime is what the Dems are doing, and have done!" he said.

Democrats, who took control of the House of Representatives in elections last November, suspect Trump of a slew of potentially impeachable offenses.

The powerful judiciary committee on Monday requested information from 81 Trump-connected individuals and entities, including his sons and close advisors.

The letters demanded documents that could shed light on possible obstruction of justice and abuse of office by the administration and Trump himself.