Pak couple in soup for using lion cub for wedding pics

Pakistan couple in trouble for using 'sedated' lion cub for wedding photography

Credit: Instagram/sardarqasimkhanbhurgrii

Among all things popular on Instagram are wedding photographs and cat pics. This couple from Pakistan merged the two. Except, it did not end well. 

A photography studio and a couple in Lahore sparked a row after they used a 'sedated' lion cub as a prop for their wedding photographs. After several social media users and Pakistani media highlighted the photographs, an animal rights group voiced concern with using drugs on wild animals calling it animal 'cruelty.'

Owning wild animals is often seen as a sign of royalty and prosperity in some cultures. And during weddings, they are used in photographs which are later posted on social media.

The photos of the couple with the lion cub were first posted on Instagram by the firm Studio Afzl who covers bridal shoots and weddings. Soon, the pictures went viral on other social media platforms and claims of the lion cub being tranquilised further infuriated people. 

The studio replied saying the cub was, in fact, not sedated and that it was "enjoying and living freely." They further stated that the owner of the animal was present at the location and no harm was done. 

Later, an animal shelter organisation, JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter, said they visited the location to probe the case and added that the studio was apologetic and even regretted using a lion cub for photography. 

The organisation further suggested that the use of wild animals for photography was widespread because of the "licence" that allows people to own one. They even give an unverified number that "35% of elite class" owns one.