How to make your living room look bigger

Adding large windows and small furniture are some visual tricks
Last Updated 16 February 2024, 23:25 IST

Blame it on the high cost of living or overpopulation but houses now are smaller than before. Experts say you can make crammed rooms in your home appear bigger than they are. Painting walls with a light colour and choosing short furniture are some of these visual tricks.

Low seating 

Selecting the right furniture goes a long way in optimising space in a room, says Sangeetha B R, an interior designer from Udhagamandalam. “Sleek chairs and foldable tables are the best option for rooms where space is a constraint. For your living room, get a two or three-seater sofa or two chairs with a table instead of buying a full sofa set,” she says. 

If you don’t require chairs, opt for a low sofa, a bean bag or ottomans. Low seating will make the ceilings look higher, she reasons.

“As per the size of your living room, consider a room layout that is L- or U-shaped. This lends more breathing space (to the room),” Sangeetha adds.

Light colours

Neutral colours like white, ivory, cream, beige, light grey, peach, taupe, tan or sandy brown can give rooms a wider look. “Neutral colours allow light to bounce around the room, which makes the space appear bigger,” Sangeetha notes.

Adding furniture and accessories in the same colour scheme as the wall can also help. 

Long curtains

Add extra long curtains to the room — ones that start from the ceiling. “Instead of hanging curtains from window frames, opt for blinds or longer curtains to help the room look taller,” says Shashank K, an architect and interiors consultant from Pune.

Compact storage 

Instead of selecting a bulky entertainment unit to keep the television set, use one that can be mounted on the wall. “A floating media unit with minimal sections or compartments is ideal,” adds Shashank.

Built-in cabinets and shelves can also lend the room a decluttered look. Choose ottomans or tables that come with hidden storage space. Install shelves in nooks or corners to display books or accessories.

Natural light

Select scones or sleek tube lights instead of floor lamps. Scones emit warm lighting and create a cosy ambience, says Shashank.

Installing large windows can let in plenty of natural light and at the same time, make the room appear larger. “Add sheer curtains for a layer of privacy,” he advises.

Mirrors can also be used to reflect natural light and artificial mood light in the room. “They capture light and diffuse it into dark or not-so-bright corners. They also help create an illusion of space when placed opposite doorways and windows,” adds Sangeetha.

Fewer decor

Too many decor items up the wall can make a small space look cluttered. “If you have family photographs that you want to display, either frame them small or just use one big one,” he adds.

(Published 16 February 2024, 23:25 IST)

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